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■ 英語問題 09/04/07

(  )内に適切な語を入れなさい。

In 1891, Dr. John WIlson opened a small medical office in Michigan. he did not yet have ( 1 ) as a doctor, but he knew all about two of the newest advances in medicine. in France, Dr. Louis Pasteur had recently discovered that germs, microorganisms too tiny to see with the ( 2 ) eye, caused certain diseases. And in England, Dr. Joseph Lister had introduced a new method of carrying out surgery that was effective in ( 3 ) germs. These were such new ideas that ( 4 ) doctors did not believe in them. But young Dr. Wilson saw the ( 5 ) their ideas, and he practiced Dr. Listrer's method of surgery from the start.

1. a. a lot of experiences b. few experiences c. fully experienced d. much experiences
2. a. awake b. bright c. complex d. naked
3. a. defending b. fighting c. improving d. struggling
4. a. a little b. almost c. none d. some
5. a. worth b worthwhile c. value d. value of

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