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■ 英語問題 09/04/17

( )内に適切な語を入れなさい。

In the world we live in, our everyday actions depend to a great extent on our ability to read. We are always reading, often without even being ( 1 ) of it. We read traffic signs, recipes, words on a television screen, and billboard advertisements. ( 2 ) by the printed word, many of us often take reading for granted. We come to think of our reading habits and skills as fixed, unchangeable parts of ourselves. But good readers ( 3 ) one thing in common - they have made themselves good readers, often at a late age. One of the most famous books on reading is Mortimer Adler's How to Read a Book. In it he wrote: "I did not discover I could not read ( 4 ) after I had left college." Of course he could read newspapers, magazines, and books. But he discovered he was not a good reader because he was not getting everything possible out of the things he read, ( 5 ) was he reading with speed, pleasure, and satisfaction.

1. a. alarmed b. aware c. known d. understood
2. a. decided b. forced c. included d. surrounded
3. a. commit b. have c. inquire d. prevail
4. a. by b. until c. when d. while
5. a. and b. but c. except d. nor

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